Jamai sasthi 2023: Jamaishashti is different in Nabadwip, Jamairupi Nimai Bhog is incomplete without Amksheer.

Jamaishashti is celebrated on the sixth tithi of Shuklapaksha of Jaishtha month. This tithi is also known as Aranya Sasthi. This shashti is celebrated in every house in Bengal. One of the events of Jamaishashti is Bhojan Parva. The event of mother-in-law with mother-in-law puja is known as Jamaishashti.

Jamaishashti is celebrated in different places. However, Jamaishashti is celebrated in a slightly different way in Nabadwip. Jamaishashti is celebrated here in the temple of Mahaprabhu on Shuklapaksha of Jaishtha month. On that day he was not an incarnation of Shri Krishna but Nimai i.e. the beloved son-in-law of all of them. The servants of this temple are descendants of Nimai’s wife Bishnupriya’s brothers. They have been entertaining the idol of Sri Chaitanyadev as son-in-law on this day for about 350 years. Local elders on this day give Nimai the wind of sixty. New clothes are then given, followed by a royal feast.

Mahaprabhu is awakened first with seasonal fruits in a silver bowl, milk in a silver bowl, and water in a silver glass. Then there are chindhe, murki, curd mango jackfruit and sweet fruits. The midday meal consists of various curries, thor, brinjal paturi, chickpeas, gourd, rice pumpkin, all kinds of vegetarian food cooked with poppy seeds. After taking a nap, Nimai’s rise in the afternoon is enjoyed by chicks and sweets. Malpoa and rabri are served with luchi fried in ghee at night before going to bed. At the end of all the perfumed khilipan is offered. Jamaishashti’s special treat in this temple is mango kheer. This pada is made by churning mango juice with curd. Along with this, Jamairupi Nimai’s sweet face is incomplete without Sebayet family’s homemade sweets. This is how they have been celebrating Jamaishashti for years.

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