It is not too late, the modern city like New York is sinking! Researchers said the reason

New York is one of the most famous cities in America. New York is facing such danger because of one skyscraper after another. A recent study revealed such information. As a result of this land subsidence, about 8 million people may face catastrophic sea level flooding. This is known through the research. A survey was recently conducted by the United States Geological Survey. It shows that New York’s soil is sinking 1 to 2 millimeters per year. As a result, the scientists involved in this research are claiming that the greatest danger may be approaching very soon. However, scientists claim that some areas are in worse conditions.

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Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and parts of Northern Staten Island are shrinking at an even faster rate, the paper said. In figures, these areas are settling at a rate of 2.75 millimeters per year. On the other hand, according to environmental scientists, the sea level is increasing day by day due to environmental pollution and global warming. The danger is getting closer. New York City is even more at risk from rising sea levels. According to data from the New York City Panel of Climate Exchange, sea levels are rising by an average of 0.5 inches worldwide every 10 years. But in New York City, the rate of water table rise is 1.2 inches. As a result, this American city is facing more problems from that point of view.

Scientists fear that by the year 2050, the sea level may rise by eight to 30 inches. This rate is likely to increase if the amount of greenhouse gases that pollute the environment is not reduced. Then naturally this modern city of America will be in great danger. The researchers advise to take measures in advance to prevent this danger in the future. However, it remains to be seen how far it is possible to move in that direction by handling various aspects of building construction from environmental pollution.

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