ISIS militant sentenced to 260 years in prison for crushing 8 pedestrians in Manhattan

An ISIS militant has received a major sentence for his involvement in the killings and injuries. An American court sentenced him to 260 years in prison. The accused was accused of killing 8 people and seriously injuring 18 people by hitting a truck on a street in Manhattan in America.

In 2017, the incident took place in New York’s busiest area, Manhattan. On Wednesday, US Federal District Judge Vernon Broderick sentenced the ISIS militant to life in prison for crushing each person to death. Saifullo Saipov was sentenced to life imprisonment for a total of eight times.

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Along with that, the judge ordered that Saifullo will have to serve another 260 years in prison. No court has ever sentenced an accused to such length of time in the judicial system. From that point of view, this punishment is considered to be a precedent.

When the accused appeared in court, the ISIS militant showed no remorse for the Manhattan incident. Instead, he was seen talking to someone in Uzbek for an hour about the history of Islam in the courtroom.

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Meanwhile, ISIS militant Saipov applied for bail when the interrogation began. The government lawyer strongly opposed it. He asked that no soft attitude should be shown with the militants. Along with that, the government lawyer demanded severe punishment for Saipov.

Rejecting the bail application, A federal district court judge then handed down the maximum sentence. Victims’ families were present in the courtroom during the ISIS militant’s sentencing. Some of the victim’s family members broke down in tears after the sentencing.

Some demanded death penalty for the accused. Apart from the family members of the deceased, many of the injured were present during the verdict. One victim lost his leg in the incident. He is not able to walk now. Despite that, he appeared in the court room in a wheelchair to hear the verdict.

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Incidentally, among the eight people who died in that 2017 incident, five were from Argentina, two from America and one from Belgium. Then the police arrested Saipov. The ISIS militant was in jail since then.

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