…is not over! Corona kills one every 4 minutes in the world

More than three years have passed since the Covid pandemic. While the current rush of Covid-19 infections has slowed, the risk looms large in vulnerable populations and under-vaccinated countries. Recently, a study found that one person dies of Covid-19 every four minutes in the world. And after the information became public, panic was created anew.

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Experts have raised questions about how to contain the virus. Earlier this May, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave a message of relief about Covid. The WHO says that Covid no longer constitutes an emergency. After this announcement of the WHO, the lockdown was relaxed in most of the countries of the world. New infections of Covid have been blamed for at least 20 billion deaths worldwide. Most of the dead are the elderly. It is claimed that one person dies every four minutes.

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According to experts, the long-term plan that should be taken in the fight against Covid has not been adopted. Along with that, there is a reluctance of some people to wear masks. Experts believe that this phenomenon is due to the reluctance of many in developed countries to take the vaccine. In 2021, more than 300,000 people died of Covid-19 in America due to lack of immunization. In other words, 1 out of every 2 people infected with Covid-19 dies. If vaccinations and wearing masks were made mandatory, the death toll from Covid would have skyrocketed, some experts believe.

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Virus experts also said that any public place can still be a super spreader of Covid infection. According to them, this list also includes marriage ceremony centers. If you are not aware of this, it is very difficult to get rid of permanent covid infection. Along with this, the way public health is being politicized is considered by a group of experts to be one of the reasons for the increase in Covid infections.

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In this regard, they have raised the issue of China’s Wuhan lab. WHO has claimed that the Covid virus spread from China’s Wuhan lab. In this regard, information was sent by the World Health Organization from the Chinese authorities. But the Chinese administration refused to give it. Experts also feel that this kind of mentality has hindered the fight against Covid. So they strongly emphasized on increasing the pace of vaccination to rid the world of covid.

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