Is more hair on the chest of men an indication of great sexual power? Do you know the real truth?

Many people think that men who have more hair on their chest or body have more sex power. Testosterone hormone is associated with male body hair. Many people think so. The amount of hair on a person’s body is different. Some people have more body hair. Some people have less body hair. Generally speaking, many men have slightly more body hair than others. Many people believe that male chest or body hair is related to the secretion of the special male hormone testosterone. This testosterone is actually the sex hormone. As its secretion increases, the amount of hair on men increases. Many people think so. As a result, seeing more hair, many people think that the man is particularly skilled in terms of sex. Because science says, if the level of testosterone in the body increases, the sexual ability also increases a lot.

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But is that really the case? Doctors have a slightly different opinion. According to them, most people have the same number of hairs on their body. There is no significant difference in the total number of hairs. Even men and women often have the same number of body hairs. Why do you see more hair? According to experts, those whose hair becomes a little bigger and thicker, appear to have more hair on their chest. Because they are clearly visible. Hormonal changes occur in the male body after puberty. As a result, the hair on the chest area starts to grow big and thick. So they look thicker and darker.

According to doctors, the matter is not so simple. Rather, it is better to say that the amount of hair on the body or the number of thick hairs has nothing to do with sexual power. That’s what scientists say. So looking at the amount of hair on the chest can’t judge a man’s sexuality. It is wrong to think that a man is more sexually capable even if he has more hair on his chest.

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