Indians are waiting for a long time to get a green card in the US, because the US administration said

Green card is of immense importance to get immigration recognition in the United States. Many times, people going to America from other countries have to wait for a long time to get this green card. People from India, China and Mexico face the most problems in this regard. This time the reason for the long wait was given by the US administration.

The US Congress has the right to change the quota for green cards. US Citizenship and Immigration Service Senior Advisor Douglas Rand said the Congress-sponsored priority green card annual limit is 226,000 for the world. Where employment based annual limit is 1 lakh 40 thousand.

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According to him, the number of citizens of India, China, Mexico is the highest in the US compared to other countries. As a result, all those citizens have to wait for a long time to get a green card, said Douglas. The US official also said that there are around 25,500 demand for family and employment based green cards every year.

Only the US Congress has the right to change the annual limit, he said. According to him, US immigration authorities have to work within these constraints. He said that efforts are being made to give as many green cards as possible to citizens of other countries including India.

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According to Douglas, hundreds of thousands of Indians currently have to wait more than a decade for a green card. The waiting time is increasing even for the visa. He said that the demand for green cards is increasing day by day among citizens of not only India, but also among Chinese citizens living in the US.

Incidentally, last year in May, the Joe Biden administration expressed hope about the green card. The White House announced that it has begun to think about how it would take no more than 6 months to get immigration approval. A person of Indian origin applied to the US Presidential Advisory Commission for a green card.

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Then the announcement was made. Those of Indian origin who have been waiting for green cards for a long time in that step of the Biden administration The problem was thought to be solved. But the problem remains the problem. Now the real reason of the problem came out.

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