India-Australia relations are now in T20 mode, comments Modi

Sydney: Explaining how close the India-Australia relationship is at a joint press conference after a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Australia in Sydney on Wednesday, Modi said, “It can be said in terms of cricket. The relationship between India and Australia has reached T20 mode.”

The Prime Minister is currently in Australia on a three-day visit. During the day’s meeting in Sydney, the heads of state of the two countries discussed the possibility of commercial cooperation and investment in the field of renewable energy and several other industries. The decision to open the office of a Consulate General of Australia in Bangalore was informed in the day’s meeting. Besides, India has also decided to open a new consulate office in Australia.

At the end of the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to watch the World Cup in India and participate in the Diwali festival in a joint press conference. The One Day Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be held in India in October-November this year. And Diwali festival is in November. Prime Minister invited Albanese to come to India to enjoy cricket and Diwali celebrations.

In the joint press conference of the Prime Ministers of the two countries, Modi further said, “This is the sixth meeting between our two sides in the last one year. Which is making clear the depth of relationship and mutual understanding between the two countries. In cricket parlance, the relationship between the two countries has entered T20 mode.”

In today’s meeting, the criminal attack on religious places in Australia was also discussed. Referring to that topic, the Prime Minister said that during the bilateral meeting, he and the Prime Minister also discussed the issue of attacks on Albanian religious places. Prime Minister of Australia has assured that strict action will be taken against this.

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