Incredible! The young woman came to the museum and saw her heart preserved in a glass jar

Hampshire: People can see many strange things in the museum. But Jennifer Sutton probably beat them all. The young woman, who lives in Ringwood, Hampshire, went to the museum to see her own heart. His heart is kept in the Hunterian Museum in London. What was it like to witness this experience, said Jennifer. Says, “At first glance it seemed like it was once inside my body. But it is also good, like my friend. It has kept me alive for 22 years. I’m really proud of that.”

Jennifer is now vocal Organ donation with According to him, this is the best gift in the world. Because he is healthy today, that is also possible because of posthumous organ donation. After the heart transplant, he is now as active and busy as a healthy person. This is how he wants to move forward with life, as long as possible.

When did Jennifer realize her physical problems? At that time, she was a 22-year-old university student. It was difficult for him to climb uphill. He was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy. In this physical problem, the heart has trouble pumping blood throughout the body. Doctors say he will not survive unless the heart is transplanted.

A donor was found for him in 2007. After the heart transplant, he feels like a new person. After the surgery the Royal College of Surgeons gave permission to demonstrate his heart. It is on display for public viewing at the Holborn Museum. Through this, he wants to sing the song of posthumous organ donation.

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