In the middle of the night in the locality, while hunting, Thakurda Lunkito of Singhakool himself hunted.

Abdominal cramps in the middle of the night. He entered the locality to satisfy his hunger. Looking here and there to hide in a farm. The world’s oldest lion, Lunkito, was hunted before he was ready to be hunted. Recently, Lion Guardian, a monitoring organization about lions, reported this sad news. The lion was 19 years old.
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It is known that the lion entered a village bordering the famous Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya. There the lion lost his life by the spears thrown by the shepherds. Although there is no official information, the dead Lunkito is considered to be the oldest in the world.
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Most of the world’s lions live in Africa. Apart from this, a small number of animal kingdoms are found in India as well. The number of lions in the world is already decreasing day by day. Among them, wildlife conservationists are outraged by the news of the killing of a 19-year-old lion.
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However, no prosecution has been initiated by the Kenyan government for this murder. According to the Lion Guardian, due to age, Nubz Lunquito was not even in a position to catch prey. He had to gain speed to move his stomach. That night, the 19-year-old lion entered the locality in pursuit of hunger. Because of him he had to die.

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), lions have been in a direct struggle for existence with humanity for the past 50 years. When there is a shortage of food in the area adjacent to the residence, they are forced to attack here and there. The risk of life increases by entering the locality to hunt. Several lions have had to die in this way in the last few years. Thakurdada of Sinhakool of the world is also a victim of this same scheme.

In January of this year, a lion couple had such a tragic end in the Gir forest of India. They came out of the forest in search of prey. Two lions fell into a well in the farmland. The villagers came to the open well after hearing the loud roar of the lion. They got scared seeing those lions there. The news goes to the forest department. The forest workers came and found that both the lions were dead.
Note that till 2021, about 283 lions have died in Gujarat. A number of these incidents occur due to falls in wells. It is revealed in the news that there are more than 10,000 wells in the area near the Gir forest, although about 3,000 have already been drilled.

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