In an instant ‘vanish’ spell fear! The world’s largest spelling bee is set to take place at the Champs LCC in Paris

We all have more or less fear of spelling. Spelling panic often haunts especially test takers. This time a test is going to be organized in Paris with this spelling. Organizers claim that this is the world’s largest spelling test. This biggest spelling test is going to be held on the Champs Elysees in Paris on the 4th of June. The organizers announced the exam schedule on Wednesday. They said the test hall will be built across 6,600 square meters (71,000 square feet) of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. In that hall, there will be chairs and tables for the candidates to sit.

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The organizers have also hinted about the possible subjects of the exam. Examiners will speak part of a French passage to particular examinees. And that should be written correctly by the examinees. The organizers said that the minimum age of the candidates should be 10 years. There is no upper age limit.

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It is known that the mainstay of French education is ‘Dictation’. From the French government to the country’s teachers and educators, this ‘dictation’ is considered the main pillar of correct spelling and writing. And with this almost fear is created among the students. It is known that this spelling test was organized to overcome that fear.

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The organizers have also given an outline of how to participate in this exam. Those interested in taking the exam must sign up on the Paris City website. Name and address to be recorded. It is said that more than 5000 candidates have already registered. The organizers said that the total number of candidates will be divided into three groups. 1 thousand 700 candidates can sit the exam in each section.

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There are multiple shows of drawing or dancing competitions across the vast space. But this kind of experiment is not only novel, but whether it has been done anywhere before, statistics need to be gathered. However, there is a difference of opinion about how much fear of spelling can be removed by organizing this exam. Earlier in 2018, the first spelling test was organized in Paris. That test took place in a stadium in France. About 1 thousand 473 candidates appeared for that exam.

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