Imran Khan arrested after taunting Bilal who returned to India

Imran Khan: Imran Khan arrested. Pak Rangers arrested the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was arrested outside the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday. This is known from local Pakistani media sources. Just two days ago Imran taunted Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilal Bhutto who returned to India. But that is his tomorrow? It is known that Imran Khan has been arrested in multiple corruption cases.

It has been alleged that Pakistan Rangers beat Imran Khan after his arrest. He was then taken to an unknown location. Before the arrest, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan also gave a message to the countrymen before reaching the Islamabad High Court.

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Meanwhile, Bilal Bhutto has actually defamed the country by visiting India. Imran Khan was heard to comment like this. He said, “Pakistan has not yet come out of the economic crisis. In this situation, the foreign visit of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Foreign Minister Bilal Bhutto is a waste of country’s money.”

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“Pakistan is being maligned by the whole world,” said Imran, firing cannons against the government of Pakistan. Bilal, before you go abroad with the country’s money, did you not once know whether it will benefit or harm Pakistan?” But is this sarcasm of his intended for the Minister of Foreign Affairs become tomorrow for Imran Khan? The Prime Minister of Pakistan is now in London to attend the coronation of King Charles. Recently, Foreign Minister Bilal Bhutto Zardari came to Goa to attend the meeting of foreign ministers of the SCO group. Imran Khan commented on these two visits.

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Imran Khan is currently being prosecuted in multiple corruption cases. The Pakistani administration was trying to take him into custody for about three months. After three months of tug-of-war, Imran is finally in the net of Pak Rangers. Although he was involved in one case after another, the PTI chairman could not be arrested because the court gave him relief.

Imran Khan was accused in the Al Qadir Trust land acquisition case. Allegedly, an FIR was filed against Imran recently. He went to the Islamabad High Court for the bail hearing of this case. Rangers forces clashed with Imran Khan’s supporters outside the court. It is reported that the lawyer of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan was also injured in the incident.

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