‘I’m in big trouble … I’ll give an autograph’, Biden offered a notebook and pen to Modi!

This time US President Joe Biden asked for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s autograph. ‘Quad’ (Quad) forwarded the autograph book during the meeting. Besides, he praised Namor’s immense popularity around the world.

President Biden has invited Prime Minister Modi to the State Dinner next month. The clamor for tickets has already begun to catch a glimpse of Namo at that event in Washington. The US President frankly admitted that by joining the Quad meeting.

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On Saturday, President Biden said on this issue, “I am in a big trouble for you. I will join you for dinner in Washington next month. All the countrymen want to come there. We have run out of tickets.”

The Prime Minister smiled after hearing this from the American President. Immediately, Biden said, “This is no laughing matter. You may be thinking, I’m kidding. Ask my team. I’ve had so many phone calls for tickets that you can’t believe. Who hasn’t called me. From movie actors and actresses. Relatives, friends. You are so popular.”

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After this, US President Biden asked Prime Minister Modi for his autograph. Besides, Namoke Mr. He also addressed as Prime Minister. “You have made the whole world understand how important democracy is. You have had a noticeable impact on everything. You have also been able to influence what we are doing in the Quad. You have a clear impact on the Indo-Pacific region. You have made a difference in everything. ” President Biden said at the quad meeting.

It may be noted that along with the US President, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese complained to Prime Minister Modi on the same issue. “The community center in Sydney has a seating capacity of 20,000 people. Requests have come to me after exceeding that number. Everyone has one demand, they want to see Prime Minister Modi with their own eyes.” The Prime Minister of Australia said with a smile on Saturday.

After winning the elections for the second time in 2019, PM Modi held a ceremony at a stadium in Gujarat. More than 90 thousand people gathered on that occasion.

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The Prime Minister of Australia brought up the topic of the event in the quad meeting. In his words, “I had an idea of ​​your popularity in the huge crowd that I saw that day. Now I can understand it while performing in Sydney.”

Incidentally, the quad meeting will be held in India next year. Prime Minister Modi thanked the heads of state of the remaining three countries of the organization.

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