Ignorant bus driver, student saved the lives of classmates

Lansing: Sixty-six classmates were saved by the efforts of a class seven student. The female bus driver was returning from school with a boarding student. He suddenly lost consciousness while sitting on the driver’s seat. And as soon as he saw it, Dillon Reeves, who was sitting five seats behind, ran to the driver. He turned the steering wheel and stopped the bus on Masonic Boulevard near Bunert Road.

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By that time, however, the screaming started in the bus. However, Dillon did not panic after seeing the panic of his classmates. Instead, holding his nerve, Dillon yelled, ‘Somebody call 911 right now.’ As soon as the emergency number was called, the police and fire departments arrived. They arranged to drop 66 students safely and take them home in another bus.

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However, the intelligence and courage of a little student of class VII impressed everyone. Superintendent of Schools Robert Livernois posted the entire incident on Facebook praising Dillon. In his words, ‘the way a student saved everyone by stopping the bus is unimaginable. I am very proud of him.’ A felicitation ceremony was also organized at the school on Thursday to highlight Dillon’s bravery.

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Meanwhile, it is heard that the bus driver reported feeling unwell before leaving on Wednesday, yet questions are raised as to why he was allowed to go on duty. Whether he was intoxicated or not is being investigated.

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