Ice cream when in summer? Put this fruit in the diet instead, jurobe testa, very beneficial

Kolkata: Moka is coming Because of that, the temperature has started to rise again The heat has started. During this time, experts advise to eat liquid food to keep the body cool. Fruits and vegetables that are high in water content should be kept in the diet. And one of these fruits is cucumber, watermelon etc. Besides, there is another fruit, in which the proportion of water is very high. And delicious to eat. And that fruit is palm shells! On hot days, cold-cold taal shaans are very refreshing.

But palm shells are available only in summer. That too only for 15-20 days. As a result, this fruit can be said to be rare. It is not seen much in urban markets but it is easily available in rural markets. In fact, towards the village, farmers eat palm shells to relieve the fatigue of work. Nowadays the demand for palm kernels is also high in the urban markets. As a result, many people from the village are coming to the city market to sell palm shells. As a result, they are also getting job resources.

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Palm shells look a lot like jelly. It is soft and slightly slippery in nature. Sweet in taste and melts instantly in the mouth. And the clear water inside it tastes very sweet. This fruit keeps the body cool. Experts say that palm oil is very beneficial for pregnant women. In fact, women often suffer from indigestion during pregnancy. Palm oil is very useful to relieve this problem.

Not only this, there are multiple health benefits of palm kernels. Experts say, we eat cold drinks or ice cream to keep the body cool or to quench thirst. Apart from that, you should eat palm shells instead. It will keep the body cool. This fruit can be used to make smoothies, cold drinks, sweets.

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Rich in sodium and potassium, palm seeds are also able to maintain electrolyte balance. It is able to prevent the risk of dehydration. Because 100 grams of palm oil contains 87 grams of water. Also, essential elements like zinc, iron, potassium are present in palm shells. As a result, this fruit can also remove toxic substances or toxins from the body. Many may be surprised to know that palm kernels also help to relieve constipation.

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