‘I want a lot of money-love…’, a young man prays through a loudspeaker near the ear of the Buddha

He wants money. At the same time, he wants to get a lover. And seeing what a Chinese youth did for this, everyone’s eyes practically rose to their foreheads. The young man played the speaker near the ear of the giant Buddha to get money and girlfriend. The Chinese young man expressed his desire by playing a speaker the size of an Airpod next to the Buddha statue’s ear. This work was done by a young man named Duyin Zhang. He also published the video of his crime on social media.

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Duyin Zhang also went a long way to express his desire to Buddha. He has traveled nearly 2 thousand kilometers hoping to fulfill his wish. He then approached the 71 meter tall Leshan Giant Buddha. There he also revealed how he expressed his desire in a video. That video was posted by the Chinese youth on April 25.

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Duyin Zhang put the speaker next to the Buddha’s ear and said, “Oh giant Buddha, what do you know, I have no car, no house in this 27-year life. I don’t even have a girlfriend.” After that the young man expressed his wishes. He said, “First of all I want to be rich. I don’t need much money. One million yuan (or 1.5 million dollars) is enough for me.

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Most importantly, I want a girlfriend.” The young man also told how that lover would be. He said, “She will be a bit nicer. will be loving and will love me more than my one million yuan.” Zhang also told why he held the speaker near the Buddha statue. He said he held the speaker up to the Buddha’s ear to make his own prayer loud and clear.

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He bought the speaker from an e-commerce website. Because he thought it went well with the Buddha. However, the young man did not say why he went so far to express that desire. He went to pray to the Big Buddha in Sichuan Province. It takes him 12 hours to get there from Zhejiang.

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