I look like Harry Styles! Joe Biden joked

His age is becoming a hindrance in contesting the US presidential election for the second time. The US president joked about his age to answer critics. Joe Biden commented at a White House dinner that he looked like singer Harry Styles.

The US President hosted an annual dinner at the White House recently. He joked about his age there. The US president burst into laughter after comparing himself to singer Harry Styles.

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This annual White House dinner was attended by media barons and dignitaries. The incident started around a joke made by journalist Roy Wood Jr. The journalist brought up the topic of the movement in France against raising the retirement age.

Wood said that while there is a movement against the retirement increase in France, an American man at the age of 80 has once again set his sights on serving the people of the country. No one was left to understand that this journalist’s comment was aimed at US President Biden. Then Biden compared himself to singer Harry.

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Incidentally, next year the American presidential election. Former President Donald Trump has already announced his name as a candidate. He started the campaign. But Biden’s Democrat Party is still going slow.

Second time already Biden has expressed his desire to compete in the US presidential election. A group of American political experts believe that the age of the current president is becoming an obstacle in this regard. Recently, a US media survey on Joe Biden came to light.

It was questioned whether the current President’s age would be a hindrance in observing Rajdharma. The poll found that 70 percent of Americans say Biden should not run for president a second time. 51 percent of Democrats also agreed.

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The American people think that the age of the current president can be a cause of concern. After that, the US President’s joke about age is considered to be quite indicative, the biggest question now is whether the party will approve Biden’s name as the Democratic candidate at all.

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