I bought Tipu’s sword for 140 crores

London: The name of Tipu Sultan has repeatedly returned in the history of India. In the current period, the political conflict with this ruler of Mysore in British India has not decreased. Apart from his prowess, what makes him world famous is his sword, which has become so iconic that a serial called ‘The Sword of Tipu Sultan’ was made about it at one point. That famous sword was sold at an auction on Tuesday for 1.4 million pounds or 140 crore rupees. Famous auction house Bonhams said this in a statement.

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“This is the highest price for any Indian and Islamic heritage item ever sold from here,” Bonhams said in a statement. Oliver White, head of Islamic and Indian art auctions at Bonhams auction house, said: ‘This particular sword is the best of Tipu Sultan’s weapons.

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It was found in a vault in Tipu’s palace.’ Although originally used in war, this sword had the impression of Tipu’s fondness. It is known that the handle of this sword was gold. Various writings were engraved in it. In addition to the five ideals of Islam, special prayers to God were also carved. This sword was made by Mughal artisans. But the sword was designed according to German technology.

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After the death of Tipu Sultan, his sword was presented as a gift to the British Major General. However, the auction house has kept the identity of the person who bought the sword a secret. All told, two bids were made over the phone and one in person. One of them bought it at that price.

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Tipu Sultan was the ruler of the southern kingdom of Mysore in the Indian subcontinent from 1782 to 1799. He showed so much prowess in defending the state that he got the title ‘Tiger of Mysore’.

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