I bought the watch of the last emperor of China for more than 50 crores

A wristwatch belonging to the last emperor of China, Aisin Gyoro Puir, was recently sold at auction. And hearing its price, the condition of the common people is really sick. It is known that it was sold for 6.2 million US dollars, which is slightly more than 51 crore rupees in Indian currency. It is known that this watch was auctioned in Hong Kong last Tuesday. There, his price was fixed at 3 million US dollars in advance. Patek Philippe of Switzerland is said to have made the watch of the last emperor of China.

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Not only that, but only eight such wristwatches like the King of China were made in the world. Owned one of them. About 86 years of history is associated with the watch.

Pui, the last emperor of China, was imprisoned in a prison in the Soviet Union. At that time no prisoner was allowed inside the jail with watches or any other personal belongings. Although this watch is said to have been with the last Chinese emperor in prison as well.
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It is known The watch has a platinum dial and measures 1.2 inches in diameter. Clock hands also have special features. It is made with a combination of gold and rose colors, which makes the watch more attractive. It is known that the price of this watch including the premium fee has increased to about 62 million US dollars.

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Thomas Perazzi, on behalf of the auctioneer, said that this auction is groundbreaking in all aspects. Because it sold at a record price. He claims that no watch made by Patek Philippe has fetched such a price in the past. It should be noted that earlier this watch was supposed to be auctioned in Geneva. But, it finally happened in Hong Kong.

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By the way, In 1908, Aisin Gyoro Pu sat on the Chinese chairYi But, within a few days of his reign, a revolution broke out and due to this he had to abdicate. Not only that, he left China and went to Japan in 1924 to save his life. During World War II, he was captured by the Soviet Army. The last emperor of China died in 2005. It is known that the watch was bought in an auction by a company called Philips.

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