Hyderabad man kills live in partner and cuts body into pieces, keeps in freezer and suitcase

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: A repeat of Shraddha Walker’s killing spree. That terrible memory returned. Live-in partner killed by beheading. Then the accused cut the organs and put them in the fridge. And put the body in the suitcase. This sensational incident happened in Hyderabad. The name of the deceased is Anuradha Reddy.

Police said the accused Chandra Mohan hacked Anuradha Reddy to death. By beheading. Then cut the body into pieces. Some body parts are kept in the refrigerator. In some suitcases. Police have arrested the accused Chandra Mohan in this incident. The accused is 48 years old. The local DCP said, on May 17, he received information from a GHMC worker that he found the head of an unidentified woman in a black cloak at the garbage dump in front of Afzal Nagar Community Hall on Thigalgura road near Musi river.

After receiving this information, the police formed a total of eight teams to investigate the matter. The police arrested the accused after analyzing the incident for a week. The entire incident comes to light by interrogating the accused. It is known that Chandra Mohan had a relationship with Anuradha Reddy. The deceased and the accused lived in the same house. In 2018, the accused took about Rs 7 lakh from Anuradha Reddy. But the accused did not return the money despite Anuradha Reddy’s repeated requests.

Anuradha Reddy then put pressure on the accused Chandra Mohan to get the money back. Accused Chandra Mohan then planned to kill him. Chandra Mohan killed Anuradha Reddy according to the plan. Chandramohan killed Anuradha Reddy on 12th night. Then cut the body into pieces according to the plan. The body was cut into pieces with a stone cutting machine. Accused of dismembering the body for loss of evidence. So that it is convenient to spread the body parts everywhere.

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