Heart attack after the game, blood gushing through the nose and mouth! A 5-year-old child died in front of his eyes

In recent times, heart attack deaths in young people have come to the fore. Sometimes an eighth grader and sometimes a 16-year-old teenager. But, this time, a five-year-old child succumbed to heart attack. Everyone is shocked by this tragic incident.

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The incident took place in Northern Ireland. Five-year-old Lucius Carey, a resident of the country’s capital, Belfast, was taken to the park by his parents. There he fell seriously ill.

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How did this happen?

Lucious Carey’s mom said, “My son wasn’t feeling well for a few days. So I took him to the park. He played a lot. He went on several rides. Then he was tired and wanted to rest for 10 minutes. I tried to feed him by sitting him on a bench. But all are nauseating.”

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It is known that Lucius’ parents brought their son home. According to the mother, “Suddenly around 3 am, the boy’s nose and mouth started to bleed. His lips started to turn blue.”

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Panicked, Lucius’ parents rushed him to the hospital. But, by then it was all over. Lucius could not be brought back despite hundreds of attempts by the doctors at the hospital. This five-year-old child fell into the arms of death immediately in front of his parents.

Lucius was a child with Down syndrome, the hospital authorities said in the report. No other type of infection was found in his body. He died due to heart attack.

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Meanwhile, two such shocking incidents have happened in India in just two days. An eighth grader suddenly fainted after leaving school. Despite many efforts, his consciousness could not be restored. After that, when he was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. The school teacher and the boy’s family were shocked. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old fell to his death on his birthday. On the morning of his birthday, he went out for shopping and began to feel unwell. In a moment he loses his definition. Then the boy fell on the road. He was immediately taken to the hospital. But, there was no last defense. The doctors said that the teenager died of a heart attack.

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