‘He is the boss’, Prime Minister of Australia in Modi Bandana

Sydney, Australia, witnessed the fact that Namo’s popularity in foreign countries did not fall so much. The Prime Ministers of the two countries appeared at a program of expatriate Indians. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese addressed Modi as ‘The Boss’ by highlighting his popularity. As soon as the Prime Ministers of the two countries appeared on stage at the Indian Diaspora event in Sydney, chants of ‘Modi’ ‘Modi’ rang out from all sides.

He was overwhelmed by Modi’s popularity among expatriate Indians. The Prime Minister of Australia compared Namor’s popularity with the popularity of legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen. Albanese said that this kind of popularity was previously only achieved by Springsteen.

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He then addressed Modi as ‘The Boss’. After this comment of the Prime Minister of Australia, thousands of people applauded from all around.
Modi was also overwhelmed by the craze of expatriate Indians in Australia.

He thanked entrepreneurs and diaspora Indians for organizing such events. At the same time congratulate the people of Australia.
Speaking, Namo said, he is happy to come back to Sydney. And in this event, the presence of the Prime Minister of Australia seems to have got another dimension.

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Namo expressed gratitude for Albanese’s presence amid the busy schedule. Modi felt that the Australian Prime Minister’s presence showed his love for Indians. Congratulate all expatriate Indians who are in top positions in the Australian administration. He also praised the naming of streets after Indian soldiers in the city of Perth.

It is reported that the two Prime Ministers may hold a meeting after the diaspora Indians attend the event. Australian Prime Minister Albanese believes that this meeting will further strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. He said that this is his sixth meeting with Modi after taking oath as Prime Minister of Australia a year ago. He claimed that it shows how deep the relationship between India and Australia is.

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According to the Prime Minister of Australia, India will become the third largest economy in the world in the coming days. He considers New Delhi as an important neighbor of the Indian Ocean region. Anthony Albanese also highlighted the contribution of Indian diaspora in Australia. Prime Minister of Australia considers India as a key strategic partner.

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