Have frequent gas-heartburn? Just because you eat these vegetables doesn’t make it so

The problem of gas heartburn is now a problem in every house. This problem has become very common in almost every home. Many times it is seen that some people have the problem of gas heartburn no matter what food they eat. Even after eating little food, he suffers from severe heartburn. Even the gas starts from time to time. This is why they have to think ten times before eating any food. Nowadays many people rely on medicine to get rid of this problem. They rely on medicines ranging from antacids to ayurvedic, homeopathy to allopathy. In this way, at one time medicine became a daily companion. But experts say, the problem of gas heartburn is due to our eating and drinking habits. This problem is rooted due to some bad eating habits.

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According to experts, the main cause of this problem is the foods we eat in our daily life. Even eating some very common foods can cause this problem. For example, among the foods we eat, some vegetables are major causes of gas. Even small amounts of vegetables can cause gas.

Chickpeas: Many people love to eat chickpeas. It contains a lot of energy. which keeps the body strong. But if you have gastric problems, it is better not to eat too much chickpeas. Not only that, eating too much chickpeas can cause constipation.

Kachu: A famous term in Bengali cuisine is kachur curry. More or less many people love to eat a lot of curry. But people who have gas problem should avoid this post.

Rajma: We eat various curries with rice. One of them is Rajma. Many eat it to their heart’s content. But there is also the risk of gas.

Mulo: Many people love to eat Mulo. But if you have gastric problems, be careful before consuming mulo. Because it can aggravate gastric problems. Multiple problems can occur including abdominal pain, bloating.

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