Harry-Meghan was nervous, claims Chauffeur

New York: Prince Harry and wife Meghan were ‘nervous’ when chased by paparazzi, their cab driver says. Indo-American driver Sukhcharan Singh picked up Harry and Meghan from the Manhattan police station on Tuesday. The next incident was heard from Sukhcharan’s mouth.

Harry, Meghan and Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland attended an awards ceremony in New York on Tuesday. Harry’s spokesperson said paparazzi began chasing him to take pictures as soon as he got into his car from the event. It gets so dangerous that Megan’s car collides with several cars.

Harry Meghan Accident: Chased by the paparazzi, this time Meghan-Harry is in the face of an accident
Harry’s spokesman also claimed that it could have been fatal. Sukhcharan claimed that he picked up Harry from the front of the Manhattan police station around 11 pm on Tuesday. Megan’s mother and a security guard accompanied her. Singh claims, ‘Shortly after they got into the car, a garbage truck blocked the road, and suddenly paparazzi came from all around and started taking pictures. Harry-Meghan was about to get into the cab and tell their location, but the security guard stopped him.

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I was told to take the car back to the Manhattan police station. The security guard did not want to disclose the location because of their safety. Harry-Meghan toured my car for ten minutes. They were well behaved, but looked very nervous. It seems that they were chasing the paparazzi for a long time.

Driving License: This time the information of the driver will go to the portal along with the owner of the vehicle
In August 1997, Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, was involved in a car accident in Paris after being chased by paparazzi. And that was the death of Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed. Diana’s death naturally comes up in Harry-Meghan’s accident. Singh, however, claims that Harry-Meghan’s car accident was not as dangerous as it is being made out to be. Two cars came by and tried to take pictures.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams, however, believes that as much as the pressure is on photojournalists to take good pictures, the safety of others is paramount. In the words of Adams, ‘in a densely populated city like New York City, you can’t chase cars like that for very long. But even if it is 10 minutes, that is also dangerous and irresponsible behaviour.’ Harry-Meghan’s spokesman said: ‘They are public figures, so people will be interested. But it cannot be greater than anyone’s safety. Such behavior is not desirable from anyone.’

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