Harir, who lost both his legs in the battlefield, climbed Mount Everest with artificial limbs

Kathmandu : No two legs. Instead there are artificial legs. But the strength of the mind is there. It was with that indomitable spirit that Gorkha soldier Hari Budhamagar set foot on the summit of Mount Everest. Hari, who hails from the Kent region of Canterbury, is an ex-serviceman of the British Gurkha Force. In 2010, he lost both his legs in Afghanistan war. His long-time dream came true on Friday afternoon. He touched the top of the world at 3 pm that day. Before that, he started the Everest expedition on April 17. Just 13 years after he lost both his legs in an IED blast in Afghanistan, he stepped on the path to fulfill his dream.

For inclement weather At Everest Basecamp Hari and his companions had to wait for 18 days. Despite that, he had to face the weather of his friend. Two frozen bodies were brought down in front of them. Even then, Hari was not disappointed. Instead, he gathered new courage and proceeded towards the desired goal.

Hari lived in a mountain village in Nepal until the age of 19. Physical handicaps there were said to be the result of sins of previous births. As a child, Hari used to dream of conquering Mount Everest on his way to school barefoot.

Childhood dreams returned again in 2018. On that day, he lost his leg in the battlefield of Afghanistan. At the same time, after physical and mental trauma, he was engulfed in extreme depression. He was a victim of Sura’s addiction.

It can be said that his attraction to Mount Everest helped him overcome depression. But in addition to the natural obstacles on the way to Everest, there were legal complications. The law, introduced in 2017, states that anyone who is blind and does not have two legs, or any adventurer alone, cannot climb the mountain. Hari and others filed a counter-appeal in the Supreme Court challenging that law. The law was repealed in 2018. After this, Hari joined the campaign with new zeal. Finally the world’s highest Bindujoy of this adventurer.

This time he wants to spend time with his family. Want to return once again to that past battlefield of Afghanistan. I want to go and say thank you. Because he believed he could not have conquered Mount Everest if he had not lost both his legs. Therefore, he believes, ‘What happened, happened for good.’

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