Happy news after 18 years, excited Delhi Zoo staff, what happened suddenly

After a long time, pregnancy and childbirth again. This story of Royal Bengal Tiger is in the headlines. But for a special reason. For the last 18 years, this Royal Bengal Tiger, the pride of Bengal, has not given birth to any child. In a way that became a matter of concern. But now they are forgotten and the tide of happiness has flowed. There is a buzz of happiness all around as the new guest arrives at the zoo. Recently, the Royal Bengal Tiger named Siddhi gave birth to five cubs at the Delhi Zoo. Siddhi was childless not for one or two years, but for 18 consecutive years. After the birth of the child, Anand’s smile finally appeared. Five children are born together on this day. Siddhi gave birth to two healthy and three dead children.

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An official statement issued by the Union Ministry of Forests on Monday said that the two children are currently with their mother. Both are dependent on mother. They are also eating mother’s milk. It was reported together that all three are now under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. In case of any problem, quick action can be taken. Zoo staff take turns monitoring Siddhi through CCTV. There are currently four adult Royal Bengal Tigers at the National Zoological Park in Delhi. Among the four Royal Bengal Tigers named Karan, Siddhi, Aditi and Barkha, the good news came from Siddhi’s house. Incidentally, since 1959, tigers have been kept in the Delhi Zoo. Tigers have been the main attraction of the zoo since its early years. Later on May 14, 1969, Delhi Zoo received two lion cubs from Junagadh Zoo. Two tiger cubs were sent to the zoo instead.

One of the objectives of keeping tigers in Delhi Zoo was the conservation and educational initiative of the tiger species. Many tigresses have given birth to healthy babies in this zoo. The National Zoological Park in Delhi has also sent tiger cubs to other zoos. Two more tiger cubs were born in Siddhi’s house. For now, it is known that mother and child are fine.

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