Greater Noida Student Murder: Ignite in love! A suicidal student shot a young classmate in the university campus…

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Greater Noida became turbulent on Thursday i.e. May 18 in the case of twin murders (Greater Noida Murder). This hellish incident took place on the campus of Shiv Nadar University in Dadri police station area. According to the police, two students of the same class of the university were in a love relationship. But after complications develop between them, the boyfriend gets a gun and shoots the girlfriend. The student died while being taken to the hospital. Then the student also shot himself in the head.

As soon as this incident came to know, a large police force of Dadri police station rushed to the university campus. The bodies of the two have been recovered and sent to the hospital for post-mortem. The Homicide Squad is examining the scene with the police. Police have started investigation.

Police claim, both are residents of Uttar Pradesh. The deceased student’s house is in Kanpur. On the other hand, the student’s family lives in Amroha. Dadri police station has already informed the families of the two people.

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While investigating the twin murders, Noida Police Additional Superintendent of Police Saad Mian Khan said, “The two deceased were studying at Shiv Nadar University. Among them, the deceased Lokesh Singh was studying sociology. Later that day, Anuj Lokesh Singh went to his girlfriend’s house. After going there, the two Talked for a while in the dining room. Then after hugging the girl, Anuj Lokesh Singh shot at his lover. Seeing her bleeding, Anuj Lokesh Singh returned to his room and shot himself in the head. He died on the spot.”

But why did this happen? The police also claimed that although the two had a loving relationship, their disagreements escalated in the last few months. So the police thought that two people lost their lives in Beghore to catch the break in the love relationship.

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