Go with the blood! Brian is reducing age by mixing father-son-grandson plasma

Billionaire Brian Johnson has been in the news for some time last year. Because he claimed, it is possible to reduce the age. And for that he is spending crores of rupees. Extreme experiments are going on with the body. He is in discussion for all these reasons. Now his father and son also became a part of that test. How? That is the topic of discussion now.

For a long time, various experiments have been conducted to reduce the age brian. He claims that he can turn the wheel of age in the opposite direction. And this is how he can go back to the age of 18. But till now he himself was at the center of all his experiments. This time that record was also broken. This time he took his father and son along as part of his experiment.

What did Brian say? He says the three generations are now part of the same biology, though with different bodies and minds. And that is what made him one more step towards reducing his age. What did he do?

It is learned that he collected one liter of plasma from his son’s body. That plasma has been given to his body. After that one liter of plasma was collected from his body in the same way. It was given to his father.

These plasmas are collected in separate compartments. After that they are inserted separately in different parts of the body. Nothing more is known yet. But many think that this is also part of his age reduction test. Everyone is also looking at what else he does in the journey of reducing age in the coming days.

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