Georgy Gospodinov is the first Bulgarian author to win the Booker Prize

Bulgarian writer Georgy Gospodinov won the Booker Prize for special contribution to literature. He won the award for the novel ‘Time Shelter’. Georgi set a precedent by becoming the first Bulgarian author to win the Booker. Along with Georgie, Angela Rodel, an English translator of ‘Time Shelter’, was also honored with the Booker honour. This was informed by the Booker Committee on Tuesday. The Booker Prize is worth £50,000 (US$62,000). The booker committee informed that the writer and translator of ‘Time Shelter’ will get this money equally.

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The book ‘Time Shelter’ is set in a clinic that treats Alzheimer’s. The novel revolves around the story of an Alzheimer’s patient trying to regain his memory. Novelist and poet Gospodinov is delighted to be honored with the Booker honour. He said that writers like Tomal Man and Marcel Proust were the inspiration behind writing this book. He said that the Eagles, The Beatles and The Doors also played an important role while writing ‘Time Shelter’.

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Gospodinov was born on January 7, 1968 in Yamble, Bulgaria. He studied Linguistics from Sofia University. Gospodinov is one of the most popular modern writers in Bulgaria. More than 25 books written by him have been translated into other languages. ‘Time Shelter’ is Gospodinov’s third book.

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The Italian translation of ‘Time Shelter’ won the Premio Strega Europa award last year. It has also been shortlisted for several awards, including the PEN Literary Award and the Brooke-Berlin-Press. Prior to that, Gospodinov’s most notable books were The Natural Novel in 1999 and The Physics of Sorrow in 2012. The Bulgarian author received the Jan Michalski Prize for the book written in 2012. An animation film was made based on his short story ‘Blind Vaisha’.

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The film received an Oscar nomination in 2017. On the other hand, Rodel, a 49-year-old translator of the novel ‘Time Shelter’, is a resident of the state of Minnesota in the United States. He currently lives in Bulgaria. Many of his recited poems and prose have been published in international literary journals. He was honored by the Bulgarian government in 2014 for his contribution to Bulgarian culture. Citizenship was given to him. Rodel studied literature at Yale University.

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