From land, house, fertilizer to bank-school ownership! The favorite food of Pak Army is cow’s blood

On the one hand extreme financial crisis. On the other hand, political instability. Due to which civil war can start at any moment. When you hear the amount of property of the Pakistan Army, your eyes will roll.

How Pak Army earns billions of rupees? Where does this money come from in extreme financial crisis? Researchers claim that the army has been looting people’s money since independence. That is why their chests are swollen.
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After independence, there was almost 32 years of military rule in Pakistan. Army officers created an organization called ‘Fauji Foundation’ in the name of governing the country. Pak forces are looting people’s money through this organization.

What is this military foundation? At least 50 different branches of this organization of Pakistan Army are spread across the country. Through this, the army sells various essential items to the people.

A few years ago, the book Military Ink written by researcher Ayesha Siddiqui was published on Pakistan Army. It claimed that Fauji Foundation has control over Pakistan’s real estate, fertilizer, cement, banks and even schools. Not only that, Pakistan Army has occupied a part of the country’s land.

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Ayesha claims that when a major general retires, the army gives him about 200 acres of land. He can sell this land at a high price. Real estate project can be started on that land without cost. A portion of the dividend, however, goes to the military foundation account.

According to some researchers, the companies of the military foundation earn at least 20 billion US dollars annually. In 2007 this income stood at around £10 million. Which is highest in last two decades.

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Defense experts claim that the Pakistan Army is creating political instability in the country by continuing this fraudulent system of the Army Foundation. No private company will do business if there is political unrest. No investment will come from outside. Then people will have no option but to buy things from military foundations or keep money in their banks.

This is why many researchers refer to Pakistan Army as a state within a state. Elections are scheduled to be held in Pakistan this year. In this atmosphere, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has called the country to be free from the influence of Pakistan Army.

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