Fox on one side of the well, cobra on the other! Both have to be saved, watch the exciting video

Every day how many videos go viral on social media. There are some videos in it, which let us know how diverse this living world is. And how many strange strange things happen here everyday. Recently, such a video has gone viral on social media. As in Hale – a video of a fox and a cobra. The incident took place in Rajouri, Maharashtra.

What happened there? The office of a voluntary organization called Wildlife SOS received a call about a fox trapped in a natural well. But the rescuers went to the spot and discovered not only a fox but also a cobra trapped there.

Naturally the situation is very complicated. Because if the cobra attacks the fox in any way, bites him, then his death is certain. In the same way a cobra can be killed by a fox’s teeth. So the volunteers decide, the rescue work should be done with utmost devotion.

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First they decided to rescue the fox. As a result net is thrown inside the well. Mesh wall is made. The wall is built in such a way that the fox can climb over it. And finally that’s what happened. After that it was time to rescue the cobra. The rescuers have to get a lot of speed to rescue it. Watch the entire video.

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This has happened before. But rescuers say it’s relatively easy to rescue an animal. But in this case there was a problem as the two animals were together. Although both of them understood the creatures, they doubted each other’s soul. So they kept a peaceful distance from each other. And that’s why both of them were saved in the end.

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