Flying coffin on the ground! The Air Force deployed the entire fleet of MiG 21 fighters

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: MiG 21 fighter jets of the Indian Air Force have fallen to the ground in one accident after another. Sometimes pilots died, sometimes common people. This time, the Air Force temporarily deployed the entire fleet of MiG-21. This Russian fighter jet has been in the Air Force for the last 5 decades. However, the Indian Air Force currently has a total of 50 MiG 21s in 3 squadrons.

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On May 8, a MiG 21 crashed in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh. 3 people from the same family died. It was flying a routine flight from Sutragarh Air Force Base in the area. After that it crashed on top of a house. After this, the safety of the MiG-21 was once again questioned. It was first introduced in the Indian Air Force in 1960. A total of 870 jets were purchased in phases. Since then, the MiG 21 jet has crashed 400 times. As a result, it is also called flying coffin from different quarters. Now there are only 50 jets.

Why repeated accidents? The Air Force has launched an investigation. If the cause of the accident in Rajasthan is not known, the flight of the MiG 21 jet will probably remain suspended. According to Air Force sources, the investigation is to find out why such accidents are happening again and again. MiG-21 flights will remain suspended until the investigation is completed.

The MiG-21 jet has been in the news for a long time. It is agreed that all MiGs will be inducted in 2025. It will be replaced by Tejas Jet. The Air Force has talked to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for the modernization of the aircraft. The Air Force has already bought 36 Rafale jets. The Air Force is considering acquiring another 114 medium-sized fighters.

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