Finally met in Tihar, what did emotional Anuvrata say after getting close to her daughter?

Astronomical Worker: Anubrata Mondal is in Delhi’s Tihar Jail in connection with the cow smuggling case. His daughter Sukanya Mandal has also been kept in the same jail. But father and daughter were not meeting. Anubrata Mondal finally got a chance to meet his daughter on Saturday. Anuvrata requested to meet his daughter. Permission was granted. But time was limited. The father-daughter meeting took place on Saturday.

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When Anubrata was taken to the court from Tihar Jail last Tuesday, Anubrata told the media, ‘I can meet the girl.’ From the day Sukanya was arrested, Anuvrata was in shock. It was then that he requested the jail authorities to allow him to meet his daughter. After the application was approved, parents and daughters were met today according to the deadline.

According to sources, both father and daughter became emotional after finally meeting each other in jail after many days. Talk for fifteen minutes. Anubrata repeatedly asked her daughter, why did she come to Delhi to attend the ED?

A few days ago, on the way to the court, Anuvrata became emotional and questioned the ED officials, who also arrested my daughter. Do you have no conscience? Trinamool also expressed displeasure over the matter.

It is to be noted that Sukanya Mandal was arrested by ED after prolonged interrogation in Delhi on April 26. A huge amount of money has been transacted in cow trafficking. A large part of that money is alleged to have been transferred by Anuvrata Mondal in the names of his associates, security guards and daughter. While investigating the complaint, the ED got the list of huge properties of Kakanya Mandal. Some rice mill, some land, some cash fixed deposit. Tajjab ED sees Sukanya’s property fleet.

Before Anuvratar’s arrest, ED arrested his bodyguard Saigal Hossain and his chartered accountant Manish Kothari. After questioning them, ED got many sensational information. After passing many legal hurdles, the Central Investigation Agency arrested Anuvrata Mandal. Anuvratar has been lodged in Tihar Jail. Sargal Hossain and Manish Kothari are there. According to sources, whenever Sukanya was questioned, she said that her father and Manish Kaku knew everything. But recently, Sukanya was repeatedly avoiding the ED summons. Today, he was arrested on charges of non-cooperation with the investigation after prolonged interrogation.

According to ED sources, ED officials have found inconsistencies in Sukanya Mandal’s statements several times. He could not account for his property properly. Anuvrata was once believed to have used Sukanya Mandal’s account. But repeated inquiries revealed that Sukanya knew everything about his property.

Sensational information was found in Sukanya Mandal’s income tax return. Primary school teacher Kest-Kanya’s fortune has rocketed. According to CBI sources, Sukanya’s income has increased by 175 times in 8 years! Between 2013-14 and 2021-22, the income increased by almost 175 times. In 2019-20, the revenue has more than doubled compared to the previous year.

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