Fighting with classmates, the father’s extreme consequences to save his son!

The child was involved in a fight with his school friends in front of the house. Father died trying to stop it. The bone-chilling murder took place in Maryland, New York.

The name of the deceased person is Christopher Michael Wright. According to the New York Times report, three teenagers and two men surrounded the 43-year-old man in front of the house. It is alleged that they beat Wright to death.

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Notably, Wright lived with fiance Tracy Karopchinski in Maryland. Tracy’s 14-year-old son is a middle school student. He got into a fight with his classmates in the Brooklyn Park adjacent to the school.

Tracy claims that after the fight at the park, classmates arrived at Wright’s home looking for her son. Those five people started threatening him there.

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“Wright told the attackers that no one was hiding in his house. But they were not happy at all. On the other hand, five assailants challenged Wright. Before he knew it, Wright was under attack at home.” Tracy said in an interview with the New York Times.

Wright was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries from the attack. There the doctors declared him dead. Doctors said Wright died of brain hemorrhage.

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Wright’s fiancee claimed that the attackers threw him in the street and beat him. One fell on his chest and started punching him in the face. Hitting the head repeatedly. They hit the road.

“After being picked up in the ambulance, Wright started having seizures. His mouth was full of gasps. Doctors tried their best to save Wright. But in the end they did not succeed.” Wright’s fiancee said.

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Incidentally, the picture of the incident was caught on the CCTV camera. The police showed the footage to the fiancee of the victim. Attempts are being made to arrest the assailants based on the footage.

“Wright had to sit with his father and watch the footage of the beating,” Tracey said. In the first video, I saw my 12-year-old son shouting “Daddy, Daddy”. He was shouting from the room to save Wright. At one point my child ran out of the house not being able to stay any longer.” Tracey said she could not watch the next part of the video.

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