Father of 500 children! ‘Stop now’, the court instructed the person

Real ‘Vicky Donor’! He has fathered 550 children by donating sperm! Sensational allegations against a Dutch man. Not only that, the court ordered him to stop sperm donation.

According to an international media report, in 2017 he was asked to refrain from donating sperm at fertility clinics in the Netherlands. It is known that he became the ‘surrogate father’ of at least 100 children at that time. But, who stops this Dutch Vicky Donner!

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It is known that he started donating sperm abroad and online. The 41-year-old man’s name is Jonathan. Recently a court in The Hague warned him. According to initial information, he seduced many women. Then he used to donate sperm. He used to sell it in exchange for big money. In this way he had more than 500 children.

According to Dutch clinical guidelines, a sperm donor can donate sperm to 12 families for a maximum of 25 children. But, in the case of that person, that number has exceeded 500.

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It is learned that a voluntary organization approached the court against the person. Also a woman who conceived a child from his sperm also went to court.

Court in the incident Said that more than 500 people went to see the child of that person. As a result, those children will have hundreds of siblings. His sperm has already been ordered to be destroyed wherever it is stored.

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The Dutch court has given a clear order that the man cannot donate sperm anywhere again. Also, he will not have the right to communicate with the children’s families.

Significantly, there are certain rules to be followed in order to donate sperm. If a person gives birth to more than one child, the children have an opportunity to establish kinship among themselves. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, sperm donation is specified.

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Earlier in 2019 in dutchA man was accused of donating sperm for multiple children. It was alleged that the man himself had donated sperm for more than 49 children.

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