Fake loan manipulation to launder black money, sensational information in ED’s chargesheet

Piali Mitra: ED submits chargesheet against Anuvrata Mandal in cow smuggling case. That is where the whereabouts of Birbhum’s Trinamool leader’s property worth crores of rupees is emerging. Besides, the ED has also given information on how Anuvrata turned the black money into white. The issue of laundering black money by buying lottery tickets has come to the fore. Now it has come up how Anuvrata made black money white by manipulation in giving loans. According to the Central Investigation Agency, billions of rupees have been converted from black to white by showing fake loans. Anuvrata took the help of accommodation entry for this. This is the claim of ED. The operator of that accommodation entry was Manoj Mehnat.

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ED issued 204-page charge sheet against Anuvrata. It is claimed that Anuvrata got huge money from cow smuggling. From that money, 10 crores of black money has been whitened with the help of this accommodation entry. According to the investigating officers, this accommodation entry is one of the many ways in which a person has black money and wants to whiten it. Many also call it Hawala. What happens in this case is that the person who wants to turn black money into white money gives money to someone in cash. A person or company receives that money and shows it in their account as a business transaction. Later that money is shown to have been borrowed. In the case of Anuvrata, a person named Manoj Mehnat worked as the accommodation entry operator. ED has also filed a charge sheet against Manoj.

Who is this Manoj Mehnat? It is known that by profession CA Manoj’s home is in Howrah. He is also a relative of Anuvrata accountant Manish Kothari. Investigating officers found out that Anuvrata Mandal had sent money to Manoj through domestic workers, car drivers at various times for Manoj’s work as accommodation entry operator. Manoj Mehnot through his 3 companies sent huge amount of money to companies of Anuvrata, Sukanya Mandal, Saigal Hossain through more than 25 transactions from 2019-2022. The amount of that money is 10 crores. Manoj Mehnat used to take 2.4 percent commission for this. In his statement to the ED, Manoj admitted that Anuvrata Mondal used to send the money in cash. He made that accommodation entry as Manish Kothari said.

Investigating officers claimed that not only Manoj Mondal, but also a childhood friend working in a bank, cheated a businessman with crores of rupees in cash. They used to deposit that money in their own account. Later the money was transferred to Anuvrata or his daughter’s account. Anubrata used to show that money as a loan. This is how Anuvrata used to make black money white.

Meanwhile, Anuvrata got a chance to meet his daughter for the first time yesterday after going to Tihar Jail. Talked with them for about fifteen minutes yesterday. But it is in the presence of the police. According to sources, both father and daughter became emotional after finally meeting each other in jail after many days. Talk for fifteen minutes. Anubrata repeatedly asked her daughter, why did she come to Delhi to attend the ED?

A few days ago, on the way to the court, Anuvrata became emotional and questioned the ED officials, who also arrested my daughter. Do you have no conscience? Trinamool also expressed displeasure over the matter. When Anubrata was taken to the court from Tihar Jail last Tuesday, Anubrata told the media, ‘I can meet the girl.’ From the day Sukanya was arrested, Anuvrata was in shock. It was then that he requested the jail authorities to allow him to meet his daughter. After the application was approved, parents and daughters were met today according to the deadline.

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