Fahmaan Khan’s Emotional Reaction To Dharampatni Going Off Air: ‘I Am Glad…’

Fahmaan will miss playing his character, Ravi.

Fahmaan will miss playing his character, Ravi.

Fahmaan Khan and Kritika Singh starrer Dharampatni is all set to bid adieu to the viewers next month.

After six months of capturing viewers’ hearts, the popular show Dharampatni is sadly coming to an end, leaving fans feeling disheartened. The remarkable chemistry and captivating performances of Fahmaan Khan and Kritika Singh Yadav had won the hearts of many. The news has particularly affected Fahmaan, who recently shared his emotional reaction to the announcement. While he gracefully accepts the show’s fate, he confesses that his character, Ravi, will forever hold a special place in his heart.

During his conversation with ETimes, Fahmaan, the leading actor reacted to the show’s conclusion. Acknowledging the same, the actor said, “Everything needs to come to an end at some point. It’s not necessary that a show should run for three, four, five years. Everything comes to an end and I am glad it gave me what I wanted.”

The actor further expressed gratitude for the opportunity the makers of Dharampatni provided him, allowing him to fully express Ravi’s emotions and demonstrate his acting skills. Although it saddens him to bid farewell to Ravi and the other characters, Fahmaan says he’s “ready to embrace, accept it and move on. It’s the same as I’ve done in the past.”

Further, Fahmaan Khan admitted that he would undoubtedly miss portraying Ravi and he also believes that his “fans will also miss it”. “Ravi is going to stay in my heart deep down. I’ll take it to my grave like my other characters. ” he said.

According to reports, Fahmaan Khan and Kritika Singh Yadav are scheduled to conclude Dharampatni’s shooting on May 20. Following this, the romantic show will officially bid adieu to its audience on June 9.

Fahmaan Khan, known for his acting prowess, recently displayed his talent in the music video Beirada. Not only did he deliver a remarkable performance, but he also took on the role of director. Paired with the talented Hiba Nawab, their on-screen chemistry struck a chord with the audience, captivating fans and earning immense love and adoration. Fahmaan’s versatile skills continue to impress, solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry.

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