Extremely dangerous! India-Bangladesh is burning in the heat wave, it will get hotter

South and Southeast Asia are burning in heat waves. The list includes countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand. Temperatures in India and the subcontinent soared above 40 degrees in April. The temperature in Bangladesh was touching 50 degrees. In Thailand, the mercury soared to 45 degrees Celsius. It was 42 degrees in Lyos. This information has worried the weather scientists.

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30 times more heat flux

A group of international researchers said on Wednesday that humans are responsible for climate change. And that is why South and South East Asian countries are witnessing severe heat waves. Scientists say that this heat wave is 30 times more dangerous than before.

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Researchers fear that the amount of heat that India is experiencing at the moment will increase in the coming days. Around seven to eight degrees of mercury will rise in Indian states. The data was released in a Rapid Attribution Analysis report by scientists at the World Weather Attribution Group.

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What is the report of weather scientists?

Meteorological scientists also mentioned in this report, Since 1900, there has been an overall increase of about 1.2 degrees Celsius in South and Southeast Asian countries. Temperatures in these countries have increased by about two degrees compared to the previous season. And climate change is responsible for all this, ie people indirectly.

Most of the countries in South Asia have crossed 41 degrees Celsius. Which also exceeded the specified temperature index. Researchers identify this situation as dangerous.

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The temperature will reach 54 degrees Celsius

In the next few years, this temperature could reach 54 degrees Celsius, researchers fear. Which will create a very dangerous situation in the future. Normal human body temperature cannot be maintained in this environment.

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Researchers estimate that human lifestyles are largely responsible for these climate changes in India and Bangladesh. According to the report of the scientists, the heat waves that have been observed in India and Bangladesh in the last five years have increased by about 2 degrees Celsius compared to the previous one. Which is more than 20 percent. In the coming days, this index is expected to increase further in India and Bangladesh.

A few days ago, the United Nations issued a dire warning. The years 2023 to 2027 are going to be the hottest five years on earth. Temperatures will increase dramatically over the next five years due to greenhouse gases and El Niño. This is what the United Nations has said.

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