Everest did not return home, the death of the Australian mountaineer

An Australian stepped on the top of Everest after overcoming hundreds of obstacles. Even after conquering Everest, he could not come back. He died after stepping on the highest mountain peak in the world. This was informed in a statement by the government of Nepal.

According to an Australian media source, the name of the 40-year-old Australian mountaineer is Jason Bernard Kennison. He is a resident of Perth. He was coming back after climbing Everest. But Jason died on the way back on Friday.

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The news of Jason’s death has been communicated to the family by the Nepalese government. After receiving the news of the death, a shadow of grief descended on the family. The family posted a statement on Facebook.

It said that the 40-year-old climber was the bravest. The statement said the family will miss him because of his death. Meanwhile, Asian Trekking chief Dawa Steven Sherpa told a news outlet that two accompanying Sherpas noticed something unusual about Jason when he returned from Everest.

They decided to bring Jason down to 8,400 meters. According to the head of Asian Trekking, the Australian mountaineer probably needed oxygen. Jason and two Sherpas could not reach the camp due to strong winds. The Australian mountaineer collapsed.

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Jason fell to his death in the death zone area. It is reported that the body of the dead mountaineer is in the mountain. Incidentally, Australian mountaineer Jason Bernard Kennison was seriously injured in a car accident in 2006. One of his legs was damaged.

However, he did not give up his dream of conquering Everest. He came with an injured leg to collect money for the Everest expedition. Despite overcoming physical odds and conquering Everest, he could not return home.

An Australian media reported that 10 people died while climbing Everest this year. On the other hand, the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal said, So far 450 climbers have climbed to the top of Everest.

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A few days ago, an Indian mountaineer named Suzanne Leopoldina Jesus died while climbing Everest. He wanted to set a precedent by conquering Everest with a pacemaker in his body. But his dream was not successful. A 59-year-old mountaineer died.

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