Enthusiastic union with the bridegroom! The picture of the wife at the marriage house is that of the young man

The bride’s cheating exposed at the wedding! The young man, who is starting a new family, presented the whole matter to the guests by distributing pictures as usual. Not only that, he left without paying the food bill as punishment. In the end what has to be met by the relatives of the girl’s house.

Recently this incident happened in Wales, British Isles. The newly married young man gave an interview to a local newspaper there. Apart from this, he also made a TikTok video. As soon as it goes viral, there is a lot of noise.
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The young man, who does not wish to reveal his name, claims that he came to know about his dear friend’s relationship with his future wife a day before the wedding. “Then it was no longer possible to postpone or annul the marriage. So I decided to punish my future wife by getting married.”

How did he punish the young woman at the wedding ceremony? At the end of the wedding ceremony on that day, the newly married youth gave a speech to the guests. There he asked everyone to open an envelope on the table.

Hearing this, everyone immediately opened the envelope on the table. The guests’ heads turned as they looked at the picture inside the envelope.

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In that picture, the newly married young woman is seen intimately with the groom. Everyone started looking at her face in surprise.

After that, the newly married young man revealed the whole matter. He said on the microphone, “You may not understand anything. I am explaining the whole thing to you. The one you see in the picture is my dear friend. My wife is having an affair with him.”

After that, the young man brought up the matter of cheating of the newly married girl in front of everyone. “This girl cheated me and my friend. Married me despite having an affair with a friend. And Dhunakshar did not tell the whole matter to his friend.”

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After that, the young man left the wedding ceremony and went out with his family members. As they did not pay the food bill, the girl’s house eventually had to settle it.

Incidentally, netizens commented one after another on the young girl’s TikTok video. They also trolled that there was ‘korma-kebab Daran’.

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