ED at the door of AAP leaders after the meeting with Mamata, the theory of revenge is gaining ground

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann held a meeting with Mamata on Tuesday. Party leaders Sanjay Singh, Atisi Marlen and Raghav Chadha were also there. The opposition is trying to unite ahead of the Lok Sabha polls by keeping Mamata Banerjee at the forefront. This is what the political circles think. However, after the Mamata-Kejri meeting, the ED is active again. This is the claim of MP Sanjay Singh. As a result, AAP feels that a kind of seal has fallen on the opposition which talks of revenge against the Centre.

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Yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal said in tune with Mamata’s tone, BJP uses three weapons if it fails to come to power. They are to overthrow the government by buying MLAs, to manipulate the state government by giving the governor and thirdly to oust the government by using the central investigative agencies. Within 24 hours of Kejri’s comments, the ED raided the houses of 2 people close to AAP MP Sanjay Singh. Sanjay Singh claimed that the Central Investigation Agency raided the house of his associates Ajit Tyagi and Sarabes Mishra. ED raids their house under Delhi Customs Act. Later it will be seen that they are innocent. A vindictive outcome is seen in the center’s behavior.

The AAP MP wrote in a tweet that the tyranny of the Modi government has reached extreme levels. Our fight is against Modi’s dictatorship. ED fake investigation is now clear to the whole country. No matter how much torture you do, our fight will continue.

After a meeting with AAP leaders yesterday, Mamata Banerjee came out against the Centre. CBI threatens Abhishek in front of media. In addition, he also said, does the BJP think of us as servants? In fact, the government of Delhi is a government of bulldozers.

It is to be noted that CBI has arrested Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia in connection with excise corruption. Does the manner in which he was dragged into the car deserve a public representative? Along with the CBI, the ED has also interrogated Tadek. Sisodia has resigned from the post of Deputy Chief Minister. He also applied for bail. But his plea was rejected by Delhi’s Rauz Khas Court. The Delhi Chief Minister, however, claimed that the CBI-ED would drop all charges against Sisodia and Satyendra Jain if they join the BJP.

Incidentally, the ED has arrested former Delhi government minister Satyendra Jain in the hawala case. The Central Investigation Agency has filed an allegation of Tk 4 crore 81 lakh transaction with a company in Kolkata. It is claimed that the money was spent on buying a land near Delhi.

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