Earning 10 years from one reel video, teacher quits her job

Ten years of income in just one video! A teacher quit her job after getting that money. The incident happened in China. It is known that a kindergarten teacher in China posted a video of her teaching on TikTok. It instantly went viral.

It is known that the surname of the teacher is Huang. The Chinese teacher posted a video of her teaching on TikTok. It has been viewed more than 10 million times. His number of followers has increased to 4.3 million. The video went viral in early May.

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His fans were only overwhelmed that money and gifts started pouring in. Not only that, he teaching He earns what he would have earned in 10 years in just one day. The teacher said, “I am very happy. I have earned ten years in one day. Thanks to all the fans.” According to Chinese media sources, the teacher has left her job.

It is known that he will work as a full-time Tiktok from now on. Earlier, many people quit their jobs to earn money from TikTok. One of them was an engineer from Britain. He quit his job to run his own channel.

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Many online content creators Millions of rupees of influencer earn Ashni Grover made a remarkable comment recently. He said, “Many creators have made so much money creating content online that it is beyond imagination. Many times they joke, enjoy life. But, they are also filling their pockets.”

He himself Online personality Ashneer said that he is enjoying the fame that he has got. But, ticks are banned in India. The Chinese app also captured the market well in India. Several young generations enjoyed Tik Tok. They also earned big money from Tik Tok.

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But, bilateral relations between India and China deteriorated during the Galwan standoff. In 2020, India decided to ban TikTok after the death of 20 Indian soldiers. This popular social media app has been banned not only in India but also in Taiwan, Denmark, US, Canada, Afghanistan.

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