Double smile on holidays! Read the top 5 jokes of the day, and enjoy

today is sunday holiday But what’s wrong with him? Because the day is over? Then read this latest, top 5 jokes of the day. At least you can laugh a little heartily.

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1. Once two simple people met. The first man was carrying a goat.
Second man: What the hell, where are you taking the goat?
1st person: Taking admission to school.
Second man: Do you think I’m a fool? How to enroll the goat in school? Today is Sunday!

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2. The beggar went and knocked on the door. The owner of the house opened the door.
Beggar: Mother go! Give two begs, mother.
Woman: There is no one at home, go.
Beggar: If you were human for a minute, that would be great.

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3. Arunavar’s wife: You said before marriage that you will keep it like a queen. Now I see that life is going on like a maid.

Arunabh: The country is running in democracy. When did the monarchy disappear? Where is the opportunity to be a queen now?

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4. A Santa Claus visits the President at the White House before Christmas.
President: Tell me about your one wish in life.
Santa Claus: I want to run for president of the United States tomorrow.
President: Are you crazy?
Santa Claus: Is it mandatory to have this quality?

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5. A gentleman meets a mature boy in a chocolate shop.
Gentleman: Baby, don’t eat so much chocolate. You will have worms in your teeth, upset stomach, disease at an early age.
Boy: Do you want to live a long time?
Gentleman: Of course.
Boy: My grandmother is 107 years old.
Gentleman: Your grandmother must not have eaten so much chocolate as a child.
Boy: I don’t know that. But Grandma never said anything about others.

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