‘Don’t give the phone to the little ones!’ The owner of the phone manufacturer, what happened suddenly?

Stop giving mobile phones to children. Manu Kumar Jain, the former CEO of Xiaomi India, suggested this in clear terms. Many are against giving phones to children. Manu Kumar Jain, the former CEO of Xiaomi India, entered the list. But there is another recent incident behind such comments. A few days ago a study of Sapien Lab was published. There is a special information about the bad effects of mobile phones on children. Those who are given the phone from a young age, they are facing various mental problems. Mobile phones are also responsible for many mental problems of youth and teenagers. As soon as such information comes out in the survey, there is an uproar all over the world.

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Incidentally, Manu Kumar Jain, the former CEO of Xiaomi India, made such a comment from that source. According to him, he is not against the use of mobile phones. But the small children are suffering the biggest loss from this. To avoid that, it is important to stop giving mobile phones to children. The co-founder of Jabong made a special appeal to the parents. In a post on his LinkedIn profile, Manu Kumar wrote, ‘Parents, let’s talk about the harmful aspects of mobiles and tablets. Let’s discuss the impact this device is having on the mental health of children.’

Incidentally, giving mobile phones to children at a young age is causing them to face various mental problems at a young age. Surveys of children and young people have found great similarities in this regard. As a result, the demand for research has been strengthened. Statistically, 60-70 percent of girls who got mobile phones before the age of 10 suffered from mental problems later. On the other hand, 45-50 percent of boys suffer from this problem. Manu Kumar Jain highlighted that statistic in his post. After that, he made a special request to parents to stop giving mobile phones to children.

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