Do you know how much sugar is in cold drinks? You will be surprised to hear

Cold drinks can now be said to be a part of modern lifestyle. Brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Thumbs Up and Sprite are doing crores worth of business in the Indian market. Be it biryani, pizza, or a quick break on a hot summer afternoon, cold drinks have become an integral part of our lives without even realizing it. But behind the comfort of this cold, fizzy drink lurks an uncomfortable reality—sugar. Needless to say, the excess sugar in such drinks is quite dangerous for public health. Also Read: ‘Diabetes Sweet’ From The Shop, Saccharin In Tea! The dangers of reducing sugar intake are increasing

This excess sugar in soft drinks can lead to various health problems in the long run. Due to this sugar, the body gets a huge amount of unnecessary calories. And there are problems like obesity from him. But this weight gain is only the tip of the iceberg. In a diabetes-prone country like India, this excess sugar consumption trend is a matter of great concern. Unbeknownst to us, a lot of sugar is entering the body in the form of fizzy cold drinks.

How much sugar is in a bottle of cold drink?

According to several studies, a can of most popular soft drinks contains about 9-10 teaspoons of sugar. This is much higher than the daily limit of total sugar intake for one day. Already people drink cold drinks with high calorie food like biryani, pizza, burger, fried chicken. Added on top of that is this extra sugar. As a result, the chances of developing insulin resistance, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can increase several times if such drinks become a habit. Additionally, too much sugar can lead to dental problems such as tooth decay and cavities.

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