‘Dhuttor … the umbrella …’, after getting off the plane, Biden is wet in the rain!

Biden is in trouble while getting off the plane again. The American president could not open the umbrella despite trying hard in the heavy rain. That video has gone viral on social media.

US President Biden arrived in Japan to attend the Quad meeting on Saturday. When his plane ‘Air Force One’ landed, it was raining. As a result, the American president came down the stairs of the plane with a black umbrella in his hand.
But, there is a problem when going down the stairs of the plane. President Biden first stood on the stairs and tried to open the umbrella. At that time he was really upset because the umbrella was not opened. He forced the umbrella and came down.

Japanese Foreign Minister Kenji Yamada welcomed the US President at the airport. Biden started talking to him with a black umbrella under his arm. Then a Japanese official held an umbrella over the American president’s head.

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After that, according to the custom, several army officers saluted Biden in military style. After that episode, the US president tried to open the umbrella once again. Then suddenly the black umbrella of his saint opened.

Incidentally, as soon as the video of the US President’s irony at the Japanese airport went viral on social media, the netizens did not stop punching it. ‘Biden is fighting with an umbrella after landing in Japan.’ Written by a net-citizen. ‘Oh no, the umbrella is great!’ Another person posted under that video on the micro blogging site.

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In February of this year, US President Biden visited Warsaw, the capital of Poland. From there, he reached the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, by train. It was his first visit to Kiev amid the Russo-Ukraine war.

But on the way back, he fell face down on the stairs while boarding the plane in Warsaw. The video went viral on social media. Washington was forced to make a statement.

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In that incident, the US administration said that Biden was blowing a strong wind while boarding the plane. That’s why he could not handle Tal. As a result, the US president fell down.

There will be a president in America next year. Biden has expressed his desire to compete there again. Although he is over 80, he is considered physically healthy by some of the US citizens.

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