Deep water diving instructor kisses young tourist, viral photo

Deep kisses at the end answering the call of the abyss. Her picture is already viral on social media. A Malaysian diving instructor was arrested for the incident. A 24-year-old Chinese tourist has accused him of molestation.

Investigating police officers said the 27-year-old was freelancing as a diving instructor in the Semporna region of Sabah, Malaysia. The incident allegedly took place at Sipadan Island Park and Tun Sakaran Marine Park.

The tourist diving instructor has gone viral on the internet the kiss scene The screenshots of their chat with him have also spread on social media. Before returning to China, the young woman lodged a complaint with the Semporna police. The trainer was arrested based on his complaint. He was arrested from the local water village in the district.

Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Christina Liew expressed deep concern over the incident. He said that tourism is gradually returning to its previous state after passing through the Covid epidemic. At that time, he feared that this incident could disrupt the tourism business. He appealed to the tourism traders to deliver safe services to the tourists. He also ordered to look into this incident so that it does not happen again.

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