Daily Horoscope 22 May Leo-Virgo-Libra-Scorpio: How will Leo-Virgo-Libra-Scorpio spend Monday? Know the horoscope

How will today’s day be spent? Who can get the money? Who will get the help of fate? Know today’s horoscope.

Leo: Mind will be happy. Confidence will increase. You can get good news from children. There is a possibility of going abroad for higher education. There will be moments of anger and feelings of satisfaction. Work may be interrupted. Take care of your father’s health. There will be peace of mind. You may face adversity at work. Stay away from controversy.

Virgo: Job will improve, but maintain harmony with officials. Travel is included. Avoid unnecessary quarrels. You will get money suddenly. There will be a sense of peace and happiness in the mind. Good results in job interviews etc. Be careful with food. There will be stress. There will be additional costs. New responsibilities may also be available.

Libra: Will be full of confidence. There will be sweetness in speech. Business conditions will improve. Income will increase, but will be more on the side. Get family support. Marital happiness will increase. May have to move to another place due to job sources. There will be peace of mind. Responsibilities may increase at work. There may be ideological differences with the father. Officials will get support.

Scorpio: Be self-restrained. Try to be patient. You will get the support of your spouse. There may be additional responsibilities in the job. Have peace of mind, but balance the conversation. There is a possibility of change in job. The child will suffer physically. You will get the support of siblings. Work conditions will improve. Get support from senior officials. May have to go on long journeys.

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