Daily Horoscope 1 May Leo-Virgo-Libra-Scorpio: How will Leo-Virgo-Libra-Scorpio spend the first day of the month? Know the horoscope

How is the first day of May going to be spent for any zodiac sign? Who will get the support of fate today? Who can get the money? Know today’s horoscope.

Leo: There will be ups and downs in the mind. Job change is likely. You may have to move away from family. Even if income increases, expenses may increase. Take care of the child’s health. There will be religious ceremonies in the family. Work will be more. Interest in sweet foods will increase. There will be mixed feelings of hope and despair. Family life will be happy. You can earn money with the help of friends.

Kanya: There will be peace of mind. But the workload may increase in the job. Income may increase. Exertion may increase. There may be filth in religion. You will get positive results at work. There is a possibility of quarrels in the family. May include going abroad. Take care of your health. You will get help from friends.

Libra: There may be some tension in the family. You will get help from friends. Avoid investing in business today and don’t overspend. Today is a good day if you are away from loved ones. Otherwise there is a risk of quarrel. Investing today can be a serious problem.

Scorpio: Be full of confidence. You can get promotion in job. Help will be given by the ruling administration. You will get respect. You can go on educational trips. Interest in clothing will increase. Marital happiness will increase. Take care of your health. May suffer from diseases. Life can be painful. Get family support. There may be additional responsibilities in the job.

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