Cyclone Mawar is approaching at high speed, there is a threat of a devastating hurricane

As soon as Moka’s hair is cut, another terrible cyclone is approaching again. Cyclone Mawar, formed in the Pacific Ocean, will hit the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. Meteorologists fear that this destructive storm may run rampant at a speed of 165 to 175 kmph.

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It is already known Cyclone Mawar has already made landfall in Guam over the Pacific Ocean. Already seeing the movement of this storm Mower has been designated as a category four hurricane. Typhoon warnings have also been issued for the Philippines, Taiwan.

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It is known that it may hit the Philippines on Thursday night itself. After that, this storm will reach west and northwest via Japan. The cyclone will make landfall at 8 pm local time on Thursday. After the crash, its speed has slowed down a bit, but the rash will remain for the next few days. However, it is estimated that its speed can reach up to 195 km at the time of impact. In that case, the meteorologists are comparing the Mawar cyclone with a super typhoon.

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A high alert has already been issued in the Philippines. Heavy disaster is predicted in the Philippines in the next three days. According to the Ministry of Meteorology, there will be rain till Sunday. A gust of wind will blow with it.

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Typhoons in the Philippines are usually named separately by the administration of that country. The North West Pacific Cyclone has been named Betty after the Philippines. Basically, this storm is expected to rage in the north of the country. Mowers will do the most damage in Luzon, the largest island in the north of the Philippines. This can also create severe flooding conditions

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But it will not be able to influence China and South Korea if it does not advance north and northeast. However, it will have some impact in Taiwan and Japan. The impact of Cyclone Mower is expected to bring major weather changes in these areas in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Just a few days ago, Cyclone Fabian hit with great speed. This cyclone makes landfall in the South Indian Ocean. At that time its speed was 185 km per hour. Tropical Cyclone Fabien made landfall on Diego Garcia Island off the coast of the South Indian Ocean. The tourist place surrounded by natural beauty is in a deplorable condition. The island of Diego Garcia was destroyed.

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