Covid tsunami in China again, how much danger is the world? Answers from experts

The whole world was shaken by the fear of coronavirus. Millions of people had to stay indoors during the lockdown. In addition to health, there was a profound impact on the economy. At present, much is due to vaccines and awareness to overcome the coronavirus.

But, once again the cause of panic! Infections are increasing in that country. In fact, the country may see peak infections in June. By the end of next month, China’s weekly infections may reach 6.5 million, according to a news media in that country.

Corona Update In China: The number of infected will exceed 65 million! New corona fear in China
A new variant of Covid-19 XBB (XBB) has been causing new headaches since April. This new variant of Omicron is eye-catching in China. As a result, the number of infections in China in a week is about 40 million, such is the news from the news media sources of that country. But, the infection may increase in June, as initially feared.

It should be noted that the first is from Wuhan, China coronavirus was spread Then it gradually spread to other countries of the world. Naturally, when this new variant and the rate of infection came to light, the whole world was in fear. Earlier, the daily maximum number of Covid infections in China was 3.7 million.

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China’s health infrastructure collapsed due to this massive infection. Chinese experts claim that if a new wave of corona begins, it will be relatively less terrible. Booster doses of the Covid vaccine have already started in China And monitoring the health of the elderly has also been launched by the Xi Jinping administration.

An epidemiologist at the University of Hong Kong said, “Infections will be lower than past Covid waves, and the severity will be much lower. Also, the new wave will kill far fewer people. But, even that statistic is alarming.” WHO says Covid is no longer a ‘global health emergency’. Although the corona epidemic is not over yet, the World Health Organization has made it clear.

Another Pandemic: Covid-19 is insignificant! More epidemics are coming, WHO warns

In the meantime, there is a new wave of Covid in China. The question naturally arises, Will the impact of this increase in covid infection in China affect other countries in the world!

Coronavirus Outbreak: Increasing covid infections, strict vigilance by administration

According to experts, “The whole world is now much more aware of the character of the coronavirus. There has also been success in getting the vaccine to the majority of people. In that case, it is possible to prevent the fear of the virus to a large extent.”

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